How to implement custom font in SwiftUI?

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Fonts can influence our emotions. They can also impact the user experience. In SwiftUi, It is very easy to use custom font by the help of info.plist and the font modifier. In this article, I will demonstrate how to add a font in the project.

Where to download the font:

There are a lot of custom font available on internet. Before using any downloaded font just check the font copy-write and think about the user experience of that font. You can download font from Google font, fontsquirrel, fontspace, DaFont etc.

Add the font

  • Download your desired font(Ex: Roboto-light.ttf from Google font)
  • Add the font file in the project. Check copy items if needed, create groups and add to targets.
  • Go to the Info.plist file and click the + icon.
  • Add Fonts provided by application
  • Unfold Fonts provided by application and click the + icon.
  • Write the font name(Roboto-light.ttf) in the value section of item 0.

You can use your custom font by the .custom font modifier. The name must be the same as the font name.

.font(.custom("Roboto-light", size: 20.0))

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