What should you learn as a beginner iOS Engineer?

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As a beginner iOS engineer, there are several key areas you should focus on learning:

  1. Swift programming language: The Swift programming language is the primary language used for developing iOS applications, so it is important to become proficient in Swift. This includes learning the syntax, data types, control structures, and other fundamental concepts of the language.
  2. iOS frameworks and APIs: To develop iOS applications, you will need to become familiar with the iOS frameworks and APIs provided by Apple. This includes frameworks such as Foundation, UIKit, and Core Data, as well as APIs such as Core Location and Core Bluetooth.
  3. Xcode development environment: Xcode is the primary development environment for iOS, so it is important to become familiar with it. This includes learning how to use the code editor, debugger, and other tools provided by Xcode.
  4. Design patterns and best practices: To develop high-quality iOS applications, it is important to understand and apply design patterns and best practices. This includes learning about common design patterns, such as MVC and delegation, as well as best practices for coding style, testing, and deployment.
  5. User interface design: To create user-friendly and visually appealing iOS applications, it is important to learn about user interface design principles and best practices. This includes learning about layout, typography, color theory, and other design concepts.

Overall, as a beginner iOS engineer, it is important to focus on learning the Swift programming language, the iOS frameworks and APIs, the Xcode development environment, design patterns and best practices, and user interface design.

✍️ Written by Ishtiak Ahmed

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