What should you look for when screening resumes?

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When screening resumes, it’s important to keep in mind that a resume is a person’s self-promotion document. It’s designed to showcase their skills, experience, and qualifications in the best light possible. However, as an employer, it’s your job to sift through the resumes to find the best fit for the position you’re trying to fill. Here are a few things to look for when screening resumes:

  1. Relevant experience: Look for candidates who have experience in developing iOS apps. This could include experience with Swift, SwiftUI or Objective-C, as well as experience using the iOS SDK and other related technologies.
  2. Technical Skills: Look for candidates who have a strong understanding of iOS development concepts such as Swift, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, Core Data, and Auto Layout. Also, Look for experience with third-party libraries and APIs, as well as experience with version control systems such as Git.
  3. Projects and Portfolio: Look for candidates who have a portfolio of iOS apps that they have developed. This will give you an idea of their level of experience, as well as the quality of their work.
  4. Familiarity with iOS design guidelines: Look for candidates who have experience with iOS Human Interface Guidelines, this will help ensure that the developer understands how to create a user-friendly and visually appealing app.
  5. Experience with Agile development: Look for candidates who have experience working in Agile development environments. This will help ensure that the developer is comfortable working in a fast-paced, iterative development environment.
  6. Experience with testing and debugging: Look for candidates who have experience with unit testing, and debugging iOS apps, this will help ensure that the developer is able to create high-quality and stable apps.
  7. Familiarity with other mobile platforms: Look for candidates who have experience with other mobile platforms, such as Android, this can show a developer is versatile, and can adapt to different platforms.
  8. Awards or Recognitions: Look for candidates who have received awards or recognition for their iOS development work, this could be from industry events, hackathons, or other competitions.
  9. Tailored Resume: Look for resumes that have been tailored to the specific job opening. This shows that the candidate has taken the time to research the company and the position, and has made a genuine effort to connect their qualifications with the job requirements.
  10. Pay attention to the format: Look for resumes that are well-organized, easy to read, and free of errors. This shows that the candidate has attention to detail and is professional.

By keeping these things in mind, you will be better equipped to identify the best iOS developer from a resume.

✍️ Written by Ishtiak Ahmed

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